Flat Roof Systems

  • Single Ply membrane roof systems: PVC Membranes, TPO Membranes, EPDM Membranes
  • Bitumen Felt Roof Systems : APP Bitumen Felt, SBS Bitumen Felt
  • Liquid Applied Roofing Systems
  • Hot Melt roofing systems
  • Green Roofing Systems : Extensive green roof systems, Intensive green roof systems



Roof and Wall Cladding Systems

Composite panel roofing and wall cladding :

  • Kingspan roof and wall cladding
  • Tegral roof and wall cladding
  • Euroclad roof and wall Cladding

Traditional Metal Roofing and cladding :

  • Zinc Roof and wall Cladding
  • Copper Roof and wall Cladding
  • Aluminium Roof and wall Cladding

Standing Seam Roof Cladding :

  • Rigidal built-up standing seam roofing
  • Euroclad built-up standing seam roofing

Rain Screen Cladding :

  • Tegral Fibre Cement Rainscreen Cladding
  • High Pressure Laminate Rainscreen cladding
  • Aluminium Rain Screen Cladding



Excel Roofing Systems can carry out all types of roof maintenance to your existing property. Roof condition surveys can be carried out and reports generated to recommend the best course of action for your roof. Maintenance contracts can be established where yearly inspections and recommendations are carried out. Being pro-active with proper roof maintenance can add significant life to your roof saving you money and avoiding problems before they arise.

Design and Technical Support

Excel Roofing Systems work closely with clients, design teams, specifiers and building contractors to
provide the best option for each project. We can provide written specifications and detail shop drawings for each individual project. We also work closely with project surveyors to ensure client budgets can be met while not compromising on quality.